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Affordable complete and partial dentures, same day repairs and free assessments in Nowra and Milton.
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Affordable dentures and mouthguards

Hancock Denture Clinic has been delivering affordable, quality dentures and mouth guards to locals in Nowra and Milton for over 25 years. Our friendly team of professionals provide exceptional service, free assessments and superb workmanship. Book your appointment today at our Nowra or Milton locations, no referral necessary!
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Service With a Smile

Some of the treatments and services provided by the qualified team at Hancock Denture Clinic.
Immediate Dentures

For those who want fast results we can provide immediate partial and complete dentures in consultation with your dentist.

Quick Repairs and Adjustments

Don't wait to get your dentures fixed! We can complete most repairs in under 2 hours.

Partial and Complete Dentures

Our dental prosthetists can recommend a partial or complete denture to suit your needs.

Implant Retained Dentures

Ask us about implant retained dentures for easy care and added stability.

Custom Mouthguards

Visit our clinic to get fitted for a custom mouth guard for sporting activities.

Denture Relining

Let us fit a new surface on your old dentures to improve fit and comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do partial dentures cost?

The cost of partial dentures depend on a range of factors, including the type of denture, the number of teeth required, if you have requested...

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How long do denture repairs take?

A broken or uncomfortable denture is not only disruptive, it’s also inconvenient. That’s why at Hancock Denture Clinic we make repairs...

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What is an immediate denture and how does it work?

An immediate denture is inserted immediately following the removal of a patient’s remaining teeth. This option is preferred by many patients...

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